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Kelly McShane


Kelly McShane, PhD, CPsych, CE

Principal, Coperitia

Kelly is a licensed clinical psychologist (College of Psychologists of Ontario) and a Credentialed Evaluator (Canadian Evaluation Society). She brings both experience and humility in working with teams and individuals, and prides herself in her ability to work across many disciplines and sectors. Her collaborative approach and touch of humour have allowed her to successfully access the authentic experiences of stakeholders. She is adept at interviewing both individuals and groups, and has a wide range of qualitative approaches from which to draw on. Her ability to hold both the finest details and see the larger picture enable her excel at synthesizing, writing, and presenting findings. Her experience across a wide range of community, nonprofit, academic, and business contexts reflect her versatility and has provided her with a rich organizational perspective necessary for successful change and evaluation.


About our name: Derived from latin, meaning joint practical knowledge