Social Innovation

We wanted to better understand the merit of using a design-thinking approach in a hackathon format to develop new policy insights. 

  • Outcome harvesting for a policy-based hack, Hack-cessibility
  • Outcome evaluation for climate-change hack, Climate Hack-to-Action.


We are hoping that this evaluation will allow us to show evidence that the approach used within the clubhouse/psychosocial rehab does work and proves why by identifying outcomes.  

  • Realist evaluaiton of a psychosocial rehabilitation program
  • Implementation plan development and evaluation of clinical measures in child psychiatry

Facilitation and Training

We needed to train our staff in order to meet our accreditation requirements.

  • Develop online traning material to support staff development and competency
  • Deliver in-person training tailored to the specific challenges set forth in planning an evaluaiton project