Program Development and Reflection

Often times, staff have considerable insight from their experience delivering a program or service. Other times, clients themselves provide the driving force behind a new program or service given their experience. To access this knowledge from staff and client, we can offer a new vantage with our experienced ears, eyes, and minds. We are skilled at working with a range of stakeholders, including front line staff, managers, policy makers, and government, in a range of different fields. We are also able to draw on Design Thinking to enable you to see the user’s experience and learn how to adapt programs and services to better meet their needs and preferences. Together, we can learn from these experiences and better design programs, services, and the user perspective.

Evaluation Planning and Implementation

A thumbs up is a quick and easy way to know if participants like your program and service, but it’s pretty limited in addressing your real-world obligations to clients, funders, and other stakeholders. Knowledge of which outcomes were impacted by the program or service, how the program or service brought about those outcomes, and what factors of the organizational context impact program success are valuable to your real-world. Drawing from both reliable and cutting-edge evaluation approaches, we provide a tailored evaluation approach that maximizes both rigour and feasibility. We are well equipped to take on evaluations for new or existing programs, and draw from utilization focused and realist approaches. We are experienced with evaluating social innovation and draw on developmental evaluation and outcome harvesting.

Training and Coaching

How do you implement a new program, service, or changes? It’s not simply a case of broadcasting the planned to change to others, and expecting them to follow. Change occurs within individuals, teams, and organizations. There is a need for a delicate balance between moving forward steadily, while not outpacing your skeptics or late-adopters. Using evidence-based research in the field of implementation science, we work with you and your stakeholders to plan changes. We provide a tailored action plan, based on extensive stakeholder consultation and established best practices. Our expertise at both the individual and organizational levels is key to ensuring that change is effective and sustainable in the long-term.